Class Descriptions

Below are a list of the sessions offered in alphabetical order. The colored circle at the end of the description indicates which track the session is associated with.


Inventory/Operations Track

Sales/Executive Track

Financial Track

Bonus Track

Accounting Success – Reliable and accurate information is essential in assessing the financial health of your company. We’ll identify the proper methods to setup and configure your system to handle a wide range of workflows, including miscellaneous charges, tax codes, G/L control table, inventory adjustment codes, and more. After attending this session you can expect to eliminate time spent researching transactions and reduce the number of correctional journal entries.

Advanced Report Writer
(first half) Make smarter business decisions with data driven reporting. During this session, Advanced Report Writer users will learn about key functionalities including how to create in-depth reports to easily share throughout the organization, terminology commonly associated with reporting and how to schedule automatic email delivery of reports.

Advanced (second half) You’ve conquered the fundamentals of Advanced Report Writing, now you’re ready to take your skills to the next level. This session will show users how to use the Layout Designer to craft more complex reports with the inclusion of formatting styles, calculations, data groupings, and subtotals.

Applying & Tracking Deposits – Track and manage deposits at every stage! We’ll discuss different payment methods and controls you can put in place to prevent shipment without funds. Expect detailed tracking via reports and tips for reconciling deposit GL accounts.

Backorder Fulfillment – Learn the best ways to deal with backorders during this 1 hour session. We’ll cover a wide range of scenarios including future deliveries, customer reserved inventory, special order staging, and an in-depth look at some recent automatic backorder release enhancements.
Note: This session repeats on Day 2

Balancing Overstock – Let us help you strike the right balance between your warehouses with a review of our Warehouse Overstock screen, designed to help identify excess inventory. We’ll also cover a range of reporting tools to track dead stock and slow movers that allow purchasing agents to make smarter decisions.

Bank Reconciliation – Learn how to keep the books and the bank in sync with proven workflows including the Deposit Transfer process. Attendees will learn how to streamline the deposit process to ensure bank statements properly match the real-time activity.

Beginning Forecasting – Make the most out of Inform’s sophisticated demand management and forecasting system. This session will help you optimize inventory performance with a detailed overview of our predictive formulas, seasonal products, and demand controls. Learn how to improve order fill ratios while minimizing total inventory holdings and replenishment time.

Consignment Inventory – Whether you’re managing inventory for your customers or having a vendor manage inventory for you, Inform has you covered. This session outlines how to setup consignment warehouses, keep track of inventory, and create replenishments. We’ll also integrate QuickOrder into the mix with a live demonstration of how your sales people or customers can place orders directly from their iPhone.

Creating Financial Reports – Go beyond the income statement in this reporting class designed for accountants. We’ll review how to run financial statements, export the G/L for further analysis, and how to supplement your reports by using the Advanced Report Writer to gather additional data.

Custom Document Templates – Learn how to give your documents a fresh new look with fully customizable templates. This session will show users how leverage Advanced Report Writer to create visually stunning Customer Proposals & Price Quotes with color logos, product images, and HTML formatted descriptions.

Customer Insights – Identify growth opportunities and elevate customer relationships in this comprehensive look at our CRM suite. We’ll help you measure customer value with our multi-dimensional ranking system, recognize sales trends and opportunities, and best leverage the calendar to engage customers with proactive communication.

Dashboard KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential tools which will tell you if your business is on target or veering off course. During this session, you’ll learn how Inform’s powerful KPIs provide deep insights into performance and overall company health. We’ll take a detailed look at all the available KPIs, with significant time spent on how to best interpret them these metrics so you can be sure you’re making the most of them.

Formula Based Pricing – Improve your bottom line in this formula-based pricing session. We’ll highlight the best tools to help drive a more profitable pricing strategy such as the Price Rollup & Price Change Update. This session also includes a deep dive into the Price Matrix Import, allowing for price/cost changes to be easily applied in Excel and quickly uploaded into Inform. Attendees can also expect to see how to product customer catalogs with the Price Book and internal reporting tools such as the Customer Price Analysis.
Note: This session is intended for companies that determine pricing based on formulas.

How to Become an Inform Power User – Unleash your potential for productivity and become an Inform Power User! This session is a mashup of Inform’s most efficient timesavers, tips, and tricks. Attendees can expect to learn how to personalize their Inform experience with our customizable home screen and user specific settings. We’ll also review keyboard shortcuts for super fast navigation, how to better filter and sort data, and modifications to enhance your search results.

Instant Invoice Posting – Did you know that Inform can automatically complete and invoice your sales orders the moment payment is taken or the order is shipped? This significant workflow improvement eliminates the need to manually review each and every invoice. Not only a time saver, this workflow leads to more accurate reporting as your sales and inventory are updated in real-time. Let us show you how to make the switch, what to expect in the process, and how to handle special exceptions.
Note: This session is intended for companies using a batch review process for invoicing.

Kits & Assemblies – This in-depth session will spotlight recent changes to Inform’s radically overhauled Kits & Assemblies workflows. Join us as we show you the improvements to special order procurement price/cost controls of components and reporting capabilities that make it easier to buy, sell, and track manufactured goods.

Margin Based Pricing – Maximize your profits in this margin-based pricing session that demonstrates how to control the rate of price increases using the Customer Margin Price Update. We’ll also cover reporting tools such as the Customer Price Analysis to better track margins and help establish pricing guidelines for your sales team. Vendor contracts and other special pricing will be discussed as well in conjunction with the Price Matrix Import.
Note: This session is intended for companies that determine pricing based on sales history (last price paid).

New Accounting Features – Inform’s robust accounting suite continues to evolve with dozens of new features and workflow improvements. This class, specifically tailored to accounting agents, will showcase the best new accounting features including enhancements to invoice entry, check printing, bank reconciliation, credit hold, reporting, and much more.

New Sales Features – Empower your order writers and improve your customer experience in this session that highlights the latest new sales tools. Attendees will learn how to leverage the backorder commitment scheduler, get a demonstration of multi-line procurement, and see how to use the fast product import.
Note: This session repeats on Day 2

Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting – Inventory precision is a key element of a solid inventory management strategy. Let us show you how to generate daily cycle counts based on product rank and share some tips on how to stop negative inventory from occurring. We’ll also take a look at different approaches to inventory ranking and reporting metrics to track your progress.

PIM (Optimizing Your Digital Catalog for Easy Maintenance) – This session takes a deep dive into Inform eCommerce Pro’s robust Product Information Manager (PIM) showing users how Inform’s proven tool keeps product content organized for easy utilization in your web store and throughout your business. Attendees will get a glimpse of attribute capabilities, fields and navigation flexibility.

Reconciling Key Accounts – Get time saving tips and learn critical steps to keep your books in order. This class focuses on key general ledger account maintenance such as inventory, AR, and AP.

Shipping & Transportation Logistics – Learn how Inform can help optimize your outbound deliveries by utilizing tools and integrations that improve truck routing and delivery efficiency, better track customer shipments, and take better control of freight costs.

Showroom Best Practices – As the Showroom market continues to see growth, you want to ensure you’re delivering what the customer expects. This session is a MUST for any operation with a showroom,. Here, you’ll learn about the latest tools that make your showroom stand out among competitors including ways to create fast orders and search for products, keep track of special orders and deposits, assign products to item groups, and how to produce beautiful proposal forms with product images to stand out from the competition.

System Performance & Security – Productivity is all about performance. We’ll discuss the best methods to optimize speed and eliminate system bottlenecks. This technology-focused session also includes server spec recommendations, tips for migrating to the cloud, and how to gain an upper hand against attackers in our detailed security breakdown.

Vendor Rebates – Effectively managed vendor rebate agreements are one of the easiest ways to increase revenue, and Inform’s rebate tracking makes this even easier. This session will demonstrate how to setup future contracts using the Price Matrix Import for super fast entry and will also dive into various reporting options to help make sure no rebate goes unclaimed.

WMS for Current Users – Using WMS in your warehouse? We want to hear from you! Join us in a discussion of warehouse challenges and feature suggestions. We’ll also be showcasing the latest WMS enhancements, including our new streamlined interface, detailed performance metrics, automated cycle counting, zone picking, lot control, real-time order progress tracking, improved serial accuracy, and much more.

WMS for New Prospects – Looking to improve your warehouse operations and efficiency? Join us during this session to learn how Inform WMS can transform your warehouse and help you reach near 100% accuracy in this real-time demonstration session. We will show you how Inform WMS integrates warehouse management with Inform ERP to provide smart picking, guided putaway with location slotting, cycle counting, automatic bin replenishment, and performance reporting.

Year End – With year end right around the corner, now is the perfect time to review your year end close process and ensure financial accuracy. We’ll identify best practices in reconciling key accounts, validating financials for accuracy, and determining merchandise profitability.

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